Tuesday, November 21, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is any winter holiday....so I did my favorite. :)  I love snowmen....and way, shape or form.  This was a fun one to color - I used the old markers because I didn't have the right colors in the blends....but I still had fun!!  I used watercolor cardstock and shimmery white cardstock on the base. :) SO FUN!! I also love the cable knit folder and the big snowflake folder....big shots make the stampers world go round!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Until next itme, Karen

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


The SUO challenge this week was any kind of thanks card - gratitude, thankfulness, etc, etc, so I went with some beautiful fall colors picked by Pam McKay for the SCS color challenge - and made it a thank you card!  I did a collage with the base of baby wipe technique using Colorful Seasons stamp set which has to be the most versatile stamp set EVER.  This was a fun card to make and my fingers are STILL inky.  haha.  I always remember the gloves about half way through.  Happy Tuesday everyone!! Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is something "sweet" - like a cupcake or a cookie or candy....or in this case, it's a teapot full of chai.  Over the years we have had the priviledge of 4 trips to Africa.  I can still close my eyes and taste and smell the chai.  It's a sweet creamy tea that is as common there as coffee is here.  So I decided to use my new stampin'blends and make my card sweet tea.  These papers are buy three get one free this month, so even my classes will enjoy making a teapot card this month!  I also love these background papers that I paired with the Color Me paper.  TOO many ideas swirling around in my head and not enough hours to stamp!!  Hope you will join in this month and make a card that depicts something sweet.  Lord knows, we could use more SWEET in this world!!  Happy Tuesday everyone!!~~

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is favorite new Holiday Mini products.  This is one of my favorite new stamp sets in it - called Count my Blessings - which is also a good thing to do!  I also LOVE this black and white ribbon....so decided to combine the two.  I dug out my old Blendabilities to color since my new Stampin'Blends are still on their slow way to me.  :(  Fun stamp set and fun ribbon - two of my favorite things!  I cashed my Stampin' Rewards in this week or THE CRUISE TO ALASKA....I am still pinching myself to believe it!!  NOW THAT'S A BLESSING TO COUNT!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!~ Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is die cuts, shapes, etc.  I wanted to make a THANKFUL card, because this week I am feeling particularly thankful to so many of my customers and downline who helped me earn the Alaska cruise!!!! I just accrued enough points YESTERDAY....the 24th of September when we have until only the 30th!!  One of my downline promoted, among others this year giving me enough points to earn this cruise.  Back in my glory days, earning the cruise was like rolling off a log.....when I lived in New York - but this is only the second cruise I have earned in the 11 years I have lived in Ohio and the first one was half earned when I moved here so doesn't really count.  THIS one I had to WORK at.  Back in 2004 I earned the Alaska cruise, but my daughter Rebekah was graduating from college smack in the middle of the cruise, so needless to say we didn't go on that cruise.  When I realized it was Alaska this year I decided to go all out and try for it - When I could see it was actually within my reach I went to eastern Ohio where I have a large number of enthusiastic stampers who have been my customers for many years now - and those ladies, under 40 of them, bought over $3000 of stamps in one day!!  That gave that boat a big old push!!!  And my class ladies here where I live have played a big part too.  My downline promoting all year....and especially my friend Carmen who pushed me over the top last night.....how can I say thank you enough????  Next July we will be Alaska bound....and I am thankful for all of YOU!! Like the card says!!!  Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  Mwahhhh!!!!  Until next time.......Karen

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is FALL COLORS.....and maybe I stretched it a bit here as there is no orange....but this card gives me a happy fall feeling....Fall has always been my favorite time of year....that hunker down, pull out your hoodies and get ready for boots....hot cider, fires in the backyard, I just love fall.  I got married in fall, and had my first and last babies in fall.  So this new set, just is my most favorite of anything in the Holiday Mini at ALL.  HEY, this is RANDOM.  But I am kicking this month to try and get the Alaska cruise.  See that little 24/7 button at the top of my blog?  If you click on it you can help me sail!!! ;):):) I am a shameless begger.  haha.  All orders appreciated - save me from buying a lifetime supply of monoadhesive!!! SAVE ME, SAVE ME!!!  Okay enough - HAPPY FALL EVERYONE!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is a blast from the past - and I am so happy to look at this card which is one of my all time favorites - because over on SCS for the color challenge today I made one of the UGLIEST cards I have ever actually uploaded.  haha, and I need to be reminded at this very moment that I really CAN stamp.  haha.  You win some you lose some, that's what I named the card - because LIFE has gotten in the way of my concentration this week - a fiery trial came our way this week and my heart and mind have been in other places, thus I made a pretty ugly card.  Sometimes life can be pretty ugly, you know? Thankfully HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time, and I am anxiously awaiting to see beauty come out of ashes...now we see through a mirror dimly - but then we shall see face to face.  So, I made this beautiful card a long time ago, and things will be beautiful again, because sorrow lasts for a night, but JOY comes in the morning.  That's it for this time my friends, Keep on fighting the good fight!! Until next time, Karen