Tuesday, September 12, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is FALL COLORS.....and maybe I stretched it a bit here as there is no orange....but this card gives me a happy fall feeling....Fall has always been my favorite time of year....that hunker down, pull out your hoodies and get ready for boots....hot cider, fires in the backyard, I just love fall.  I got married in fall, and had my first and last babies in fall.  So this new set, just is my most favorite of anything in the Holiday Mini at ALL.  HEY, this is RANDOM.  But I am kicking this month to try and get the Alaska cruise.  See that little 24/7 button at the top of my blog?  If you click on it you can help me sail!!! ;):):) I am a shameless begger.  haha.  All orders appreciated - save me from buying a lifetime supply of monoadhesive!!! SAVE ME, SAVE ME!!!  Okay enough - HAPPY FALL EVERYONE!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is a blast from the past - and I am so happy to look at this card which is one of my all time favorites - because over on SCS for the color challenge today I made one of the UGLIEST cards I have ever actually uploaded.  haha, and I need to be reminded at this very moment that I really CAN stamp.  haha.  You win some you lose some, that's what I named the card - because LIFE has gotten in the way of my concentration this week - a fiery trial came our way this week and my heart and mind have been in other places, thus I made a pretty ugly card.  Sometimes life can be pretty ugly, you know? Thankfully HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time, and I am anxiously awaiting to see beauty come out of ashes...now we see through a mirror dimly - but then we shall see face to face.  So, I made this beautiful card a long time ago, and things will be beautiful again, because sorrow lasts for a night, but JOY comes in the morning.  That's it for this time my friends, Keep on fighting the good fight!! Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Sooooo.....SUO challenge got away from me a little this week.....I made this card a while ago but it fits the challenge.....gotta love that new tulip set once you get the hang of it.....I used the butterfly from a different set.....I just adore this stamp set though and that gingham paper is one of my all time favs......anyway - hope these bright and cheery tulips, (ANYTHING but tranquil.....) will cheer you up today!! Have an awesome day and keep on stampin' whilst you keep on smiling!!~ Karen

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


This card was made for both the SCS color challenge of which I am hostess this week, and the SUO Challenge Blog for birthday cards.  Isn't this a lovely color combo?  The new Powder Pink is just so gorgeous and I paired it with Sweet Sugar Plum and Mint Macaron for this soft pallette.  And YES, these new dies make a great hydrangea,,,,,so that sings to me!!!  This yummy new ribbon, and that yummy new embossing folder, so much fun to play with new toys!!!  I am edging closer to my Alaska dream.....if you are inspired go click on that SHOP 24/7 link and help me sail!!
Happy Tuesday everyone.....Until next time, Karen

Monday, July 17, 2017


The theme this week was "new stuff" and Lord knows, I got plenty of THAT.  I went a little ape hog wild with this new catalog because I love love love love love the new stuff!!  This adorable bundle called "At Home with You" is no exception!  The color challenge over on SCS featured these colors and had a Christmas in July theme - fun!! I am always happy to stamp Christmas and with these rich colors- LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Until next time, Karen

Monday, July 3, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is to stamp a card with a summertime theme....so this new bike is perfect!!  I love the many little pieces that come with this new stamp set and die....and I love the OH SO LOVELY DSP that is also new in SU's catalog this year.  Can i tell you all a secret?  For the first time in like 9 years, I have a chance at earning the cruise to Alaska this year.....it's an outside chance but it's a chance - Back in my reign of extremely high sales and Founder's Circle events and Advisory Board reign, etc, I earned a cruise to Alaska but my youngest daughter was graduating from college SMACK in the middle of the cruise.  So we missed it OF COURSE.  So this year I tried harder, and I'm still shy of the mark if I don't step up sales for this last quarter.  SO.........if I have EVER been a wee bit of inspiration to you and you would like to help send me to Alaska......please press on my 24/7 shopping link and place an order for me?  There's no telling what could happen!! AND, if you have EVER thought of signing on as a demonstrator, even just to get the 20-25% discount, ask me about that too and I can hook you up - this month of July they are running a special and you get $52 worth of more FREE GOODIES with your kit, and a Christmas in July stamp set too!!!  JUST ASK ME ABOUT it if you are AT ALL interested.....a few new recruits would reallllly help me reach my goal. My email address for anyone wanting to contact me is kbarberstamps@gmail.com - I would love to hear from like 5 people who wanted to sign on as demonstrators, and I would be ON MY WAY!!! It can't hurt to throw it out there, right??  In the mean time enjoy your good old summer time.......Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


And the gray.  This card is way out of my lane, but I had fun stretching this week!  The gray threw me at first but then I got this idea and bam!  The SCS color challenge and the SUO blog were both patriotic themes.....nice since I had a weekend marathon from Friday to Sunday of places to go and people to see!!  This card was fun.  BUT.  Actually it took me a LLLLOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time to make my little teeny tiny mosaic of cs pieces on the back of that star border punch, long enough that I instantly decided this would not be a class card, someone might flip out, and liability and all.....I decided to only torture myself.  After that the rest of the card was a piece of cake, but I did question myself on the border punch idea.  Okay- next week I chose the colors and I have been having night terrors every time I think of using them, so stay tuned!! If I thought THIS was a challenge watch out for next week on the SCS color challenge!........Happy Tuesday everyone!!